Given Our Strength, Singly and in Groups…

We will survive!

Strange Days

We will survive!

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

With each day comes more depressing news about the coronavirus and how it is affecting and changing our lives. More depressing than the virus itself is the fact that the fat fuck Trump continues to screw things up. Today he gave himself a 10 out of 10 in the way he is handling the pandemic. He also managed to destroy the stock market with the largest loss in US history. So what can we do if we’re self-quarantined or just isolating ourselves at home?

Thanks to a prompt from my friend and fellow editor of this noble site, Sherry McGuinn, I will attempt to write something halfway intelligent on the subject of togetherness during this unprecedented crisis while dining on the results of Kristi Keller’s “Apocolypse Soup”.

Since I am retired I no longer have to worry about going to work, or for that matter not going to work. My usual routine consists of going to the gym three days a week, going grocery shopping, doing crap around the house, such as cleaning and laundry, caring for my many pets, drinking with neighbors, and doing something on Medium. My adventures consist of occasionally going to one of my many doctors or getting a colonoscopy. My husband, Kevin, on the other hand, works part-time while finishing up his final semester at RIT. So he is quite busy with cerebral stuff.

As with everyone else in this country, this all changed this past week. Today my gym closed for at least 3 weeks. My pulmonologist appointment was canceled because I wasn’t sick and therefore didn’t need to be seen. (At least I saved the co-pay!) Like all colleges and universities, Kevin’s school has shut down and his spring break has been extended another week, after which classes will continue online. He is now doing his job by working at home. He’s really bummed out, however, that his long-anticipated commencement ceremony will most likely be canceled. It was to be his celebration of achievement from being a factory worker in Malaysia to a US citizen with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management.

I guess it been only a few days since I have been social distancing, but it’s getting to me already. It’s hard to believe since I don’t go anywhere. It’s odd that I’m okay with staying home when it’s my choice, but when I’m told to, even for my own good, I don’t like it! At least spring is coming and I can take a walk or work in the garden and care for the lawn. No cookouts or drinking on the deck with the neighbors. I’ll really crack up.

So how in hell am I going to cope with this self-imposed isolation? First of all, I think I only have two choices. One is sucking it up and dealing with the situation and the other is not paying attention to the warnings, going out and suffering a frigging miserable death. I have COPD/asthma so I have problems breathing at it is, so the second choice is a nonstarter. Looking ahead I realize that I have many things I could do if I wanted to.

I always have Medium, so I could read more an write more, maybe. I’m picky about what I like to read and during times like this, I don’t think I want to read a lot of fluffy shit. I’d rather read articles about something that means something, like what we see on Rogues’ Gallery or The Militant, plug, plug. I’m sure in the coming weeks I’ll become pissed off at something the Assole-in Chief does in handling our crisis or one of the other Republican douchebags does to enrich the 1% ers of our country and start to write in order to blow off steam.

Kevin and I occasionally make our own wine, so we have plenty of bottles to get us through the hard times of isolation. That should make my writing exciting! I didn’t go overboard in hoarding toilet paper or buying an entire aisle of canned goods or a grocery freezer full of meat, but I think we have a good supply of food socked away for a good couple of weeks. Today Kevin went to the Asian store which was completely stocked and came back with a lot of Chinese and Malaysian goodies. I am confident we won’t starve to death.

But herein lies a potential problem or two. We have a hell of a lot of food to eat and I’m afraid I’ll go crazy and eat all the frigging food in one or two days. Then with the gym closed I won’t have the opportunity to work the fat off after stuffing my face. When the isolation period is finally over I may not be able to fit through the front door. Oh yeah, remember I said I didn’t hoard toilet paper? Well, what goes in must come out! I’ll be spending a lot of time on the throne, so I hope I have enough shit sheets.

I plan on surviving this pandemic for my husband and my family and myself because I want to continue to live and enjoy life with the people in my life that count. And I want to be around to see that fat son of a bitch in the White House pay for all he’s done to the people of this country and the world. I know there are millions of people going through the same thing as I am. Please be aware that you may think you’re alone, but you’re wrong. You are not alone. Just gather up some strength, put your hands on the keyboard and shout out to all of us here with you. So hang in there dudes and dudesses. We’ll all get through this shit together.

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