I’m Self Quarantining and People Are Still Pissing Me OFF!

Quit your frigging hoarding!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

To my surprise, I’m handling this self quarantining quite well. My husband and I are now in our third week of self-quarantine, I think. I have to look at the calendar to find out what day it is, as one day runs into the other. We are practicing social distancing and have not seen anyone since this period of isolation began. Yet people are pissing me off more than usual.

Luckily before the stay at home orders were issued by our state and local authorities we had enough provisions to last us a couple of weeks. We did not participate in the moronic panic buying that emptied store shelves of toilet paper, paper towels, pasta and other items of everyday life. We felt comfortable in the knowledge we could simply order what we needed from Wegmans or Amazon. We assumed that after a few weeks the assholes who hoarded the toilet paper and paper towels would be up to their necks in supplies and the shelves would return to normal.

We placed our first big order from Wegmans last week which included meat, pasta, eggs, veggies, cooking oil, paper towels and snacks for the dogs. Five days later our groceries were delivered, minus the paper towels and cooking oil. No big deal. We could order online at Walmart, Costco, and Amazon. Since my husband was busy working from home and doing his college courses online I volunteered to handle the ordering.

I figured I would submit one big order to include the cooking oil and paper towels and some odds and ends that would be a treat to help get through our quarantine. I started at Amazon and soon realized they too had no paper towels. Okay, I’ll order the cooking oil. WTF! They didn’t have that either. The same thing happened at Walmart, Costco, BJ’s and eBay. What the hell did people do before this crisis? Did they not cook or not use oil? I did find out, however, that at some stores the items might be available for pickup. Hey, I thought the idea was to stay at home!

Not for a moment did I consider going to Walmart after I heard entire families were shopping and socializing together at my local store, including children and babies. I must point out that I live in western New York where there are a lot of Trump supporters and followers of Fox News. So there’s no way I am going to trust these ignorant assholes to do the right thing and keep their distance. Many still believe it’s a hoax and Trump will protect them.

Being resigned to the fact that I wasn’t going to get my cooking oil or paper towels I decided to get something for myself. Since I have asthma/COPD I thought it would be a good thing to order a pulse oximeter so I could monitor my oxygen levels if I had an exacerbation. Once again I couldn’t find a damn one! Sure there were a couple that were being sold at a ridiculously high price. No way was I going to pay 10 times the normal price.

I continued to search late into the night last night, with no success. This morning I searched again and managed to find some cooking oil on Amazon and one offer of 2 rolls of paper towels for $40. I was surprised Amazon was allowing such flagrant price gouging on their site. I still couldn’t find any reasonably priced oximeters.

For people like me, seniors and members of the high-risk group, it is important to distance ourselves from people as much as possible. I’m trying because I want to survive this pandemic. I’m thankful that there are many stores that deliver, so I don’t have to go out and possibly risk my life. But I’m pissed off when some stores offer needed products to be picked up at the store only and not offered for delivery, even though anything else can be delivered. I wonder how many people needing items such as toilet paper, against their better judgment, go out to the store only to find out that a bunch of assholes once again have cleared out all of the shelves.

I’m sure there are a lot of numbnuts sitting at their laptops waiting to scarf up items the minute they appear online. At the same time, there are a lot of senior citizens and handicapped people, who don’t have the luxury of getting to the store, on a gamble to find what they desperately need. They depend on ordering online for delivery to get through this pandemic.

I hope those assholes who have hoarded all the toilet paper will desperately need it all, once this crisis ends and there’ll be a shortage of anti-diarrheal medication!

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