I Don’t Know Which is Worse

Dying from the Coronavirus or dying from starvation!

Dying from the Coronavirus or dying from starvation!

Wegmans in Brockport, NY 3/14/2020

Okay, I’ve got toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I’m sure I have enough. This afternoon I went to Wegmans to pick up a few items like dog food, ramen, rice, and soda. As we drove into the parking lot I remarked to my husband, “Holy Shit, the parking lot is packed”! We saw women driving out of the lot with entire back seats and passenger seats completely filled with groceries of all kinds. How insane!

Once inside the store, we saw that it was quite crowded but orderly. So far there didn’t seem to be any shortages of food. The fruit and vegetable aisles were fully stocked. As we moved to the dairy, meat, and poultry aisles we could see that they were completely empty. There was however no shortage of fresh fish and seafood or frozen seafood. This to me was strange. With the huge amounts of meat people were buying they must have had a large-capacity freezer at home in which to store their purchases. But why not buy already frozen products? Go figure.

When we got to the area where paper products were displayed there wasn’t one single roll of toilet paper, a box of tissues, paper towels, or napkins to be had. Moving over to the soda aisle we noticed that all of the less expensive store brand diet soda was completely sold out. I guess people hoarding all the food must be calorie-conscious! There was still brand name soda available, but at a higher price than usual. We settled for flavored sparkling water.

When we looked for distilled water for our CPAP machines we were our of luck. None available. People must be cleaning their asses with toilet paper and distilled water after they shit out all of the meat they bought! We found out later that distilled water is still available at The Dollar Store.

Next, we moved on to buy some pasta, spaghetti sauce, and rice. Once again we were out of luck. No pasta. Only the expensive specialty spaghetti sauce was available, but there were plenty of cans of tomato paste and sauce to make homemade spaghetti sauce. I guess people are either too damn lazy or too damn stupid to make their own sauce! The only kind of rice left was sushi rice in small bags, which we bought. My husband is Malaysian so we absolutely have to have rice. We decided to wait and go to the Asian grocery store where we know there is no shortage of rice.

We picked up some packages of ramen which were readily available. I guess Caucasians don’t realize ramen is cheap and never goes bad. We also bought some tortillas and ingredients for fish tacos and quesadillas. We also bought some beer as there was no shortage of alcohol on the shelves.

We spent the rest of our adventure just observing people and what they had in their shopping carts. Most of the carts were chock full of all kinds of food and high-calorie snacks. By the looks of some of the shoppers, I think they could go a few days before they withered away to nothing. In many instances, I wondered just how long all that food would last them. A couple of days probably. We noticed a woman cleaning out the ice cream freezer, as well as the frozen dessert shelves in anticipation of a long dessertless quarantine.

As we were checking out my husband brought up an interesting idea. He thought the reason people were buying so much chicken and beef and prepared foods was that they didn’t know how to cook. They had no creativity or adventurous spirit when it comes to cooking with different spices and flavorings. He also pointed out that the only aisles where there was no shortage of food were in the fruit and vegetable aisles. If people want to fight this disease, you would think they would want to eat healthily.

It was annoying to see so many people mindlessly filling up their shopping carts as if they would never see food again. I want to point out that these same idiots do the same exact thing whenever a snowstorm is forecast during the winter months. What really pissed me off was to see a few elderly people pushing their carts with only a few items in them. I wondered if they only wanted to buy a few items, or if they could only afford a few items or even worse, they couldn’t find the items they needed. I’m sure some of those greedy fat asses with overflowing carts will only let much of the food spoil or go to waste.

We are only at the beginning stages of this pandemic and people are going crazy. At first, I was only worried about dying from the Coronavirus. Now I have to worry about starving to death because of assholes hoarding food! God help us all!

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